The birthplace of Carlos Gardel in not very clear. Some say he was born in Toulouse in the south of France, and others say he qualifies as a native of the Town of Tacuarembo in the center of Uruguay. What is certain, no matter where he was born, is that hte date of his birth was December 11, 1887 and there can be no doubt that his destiny was to be a world-renowned symbol of the music of Rioplatense.

In the beginning, Gardel's professional carrer was dedicated to singing Criole songs until 1917 when he recorded "Me Noche Triste"(My Sad Night), the first Tango song in the History of Tango. From there he continued on the road to success and glory, filling the most prestigeous theatres in Europe beginning in Paris, where he met Alfredo Le Pera with whom he composed the unforgettable tangos"Volver""El Dia Que Me Quieras" "Por Una Cabeza" and "Cuando Tu No Estas". Now famous around the world, his next step was to be an actor at Paramount Pictures in the United States. And he was a stand-out until his tragic death on June 24, 1935 when the plane he was in crashed into another at the airport in Medellin,Columbia.

Since then Carlos Gardel has been the symbol of Tango and is immortalized in the hearts of the citizens of Buenos Aires to whom Gardel "sings better every day"

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